TOP 10 most exotic dishes from around the world
Gastronomic tourism in recent years is developing by leaps and bounds — foodies willing to try anything and everything. And restaurants are happy to satisfy the needs of longing for…

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Chicken with cheese
Chicken with cheese - the simplest recipes and ideas For anybody not a secret that chicken is the most frequent guest on our tables. Chicken meat is inexpensive, it is…

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Delicious pickled salads for winter

Delicious pickled salads for winter

Season zucchini and peppers in full swing, and you still have time to cook a delicious, colorful salad, with zucchini and peppers, which you will enjoy during the cold winter.

Salad with zucchini and peppers is the perfect dish in the cold season it can be served as a side dish or use as a separate dish. Zucchini in the salad perfectly complemented the peppers, this gives a lovely summer taste.

When the summer was hot and humid, and the yield of cucumber pleases, be sure to use them in preparations for the winter, and do canned salads. This recipe will be a cucumber salad with onions – it is very easy to prepare and delicious. Don’t be afraid – even though cucumbers are boiled, they stay crispy, and potatoes in the winter – the most it!

The beauty of cooking in the preservation of the autoclave lies in the fact that it is not necessary to add when sealing products, additional preservatives, but also greatly simplified the process of sterilization.

Extremely easy and quick way of cooking eggplant caviar is obtained, if used for cooking, autoclave is an indispensable device for those who love home canning.

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Minced meat — 500 g

Onion (optional) — 1 piece

Mushrooms (canned sliced, small) — 1 ban.

Cheese — 200-250 g

Bread (white, hard) — 1 lat.

Mayonnaise — 100 g

Milk (or water) — 0,5 stack.


The bread (it is desirable that it was bread instead of the loaf, and the slice needs to be thick enough, cm 2) without crusts soaked in milk, then wring it out. Mix bread with meat. Add peeled and chopped onion. This is optional, you can do without it, but, in my opinion, the onion gives the products of minced meat juiciness. All together mince. Add salt, pepper and, if you wish, seasoning for minced meat.

But we must be careful because a thick cheese crust on the pudding also adds to salinity. Forcemeat mix thoroughly.Put the stuffing in the form, greased with vegetable oil, even.To grease with mayonnaise.Top evenly spread out the mushrooms.Now all sprinkle grated on a coarse grater cheese.Put the casserole in a hot oven. Bake at 180*C for 40-50 minutes. When will fragrant cheese crust of the dish is ready. PORK – BOOK WITH PINEAPPLE AND CARROTS

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Meat dishes at the kiddie table

Meat sauce in the form of complementary foods introduced into the child’s diet from an average of 8 months[2], ranging from 5-20 grams per day (1-4 tablespoons) and gradually increasing the volume: 9 months – 20-40 grams, 10 months – 40-50 grams, in 11 months. – 50-60 grams at 12 months is 60-70 grams per day. You can use meat sauce in the form of children’s canned fish industrial production, or to prepare this simple dish. The smoothie recipe: Raw meat . The amount depends on the age of the child, taking into account the fact that after the heat treatment the weight of the meat decreases exactly in 2 times, i.e. if 10-month-old baby supposed to get 50 grams of cold mashed potatoes, then for preparation of 100 grams of raw meat. Butter – 2 in the Hot milk – 15 g. In case of intolerance to milk you can use milk mixture. Meat, cleaned from the films and fat, cut into pieces, put in a pan, pour a little water so that the meat was submerged in water, and stew under cover until tender. The timing of the heat treatment depend on the size of the pieces, as well as the quality and varieties of meat: beef, pork, rabbit meat cook faster than beef or lamb. On average, about 1-2 hours. Braised

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10 most expensive dishes in the world
  Saffron . Surprised? I was also surprised that some kind of spice in our time may be more expensive than gold. Saffron is made from the stigmas of the…

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Salad recipes for every day
Salads The undisputed kings of the Christmas table – the salad Olivier and Herring under a fur coat. With all due respect to these old things, if you wish you…


9 delicious salads every day
  Selection: 1. The salad is tasty with crackers. 2. Salad with smoked cheese. 3. Crispy salad with pineapple and chicken. 4. Salad from Chinese cabbage with chicken. Canned pineapple…