Salad "Mushroom glade"
Salad "Mushroom glade" The best snack for noisy feast, where they offer hot – the mushrooms. Want to offer to Your attention a salad, very tasty appetizing in appearance and…

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Salad recipes
Welcome to , dedicated to the most delicious salads collected from all over the world. Here we decided to combine all the information about the most affordable dish on our…

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Salad “Mushroom glade”

Salad “Mushroom glade”

The best snack for noisy feast, where they offer hot – the mushrooms. Want to offer to Your attention a salad, very tasty appetizing in appearance and taste. That is, try it, You “don’t understand”. To be clearer the cooking process, see step-by-step .

A salad You will remember, because it is so simple, the ingredients are simple, and Your guests will be asking for the recipe. Enough with the secrets, reveal the secret of preparation of salad “Mushroom glade”, or “Mushroom glade”, as you like. In my opinion, the second option sounds more cute.

Required products:

marinated mushrooms;

the cucumbers;

greens (dill or parsley, or both);


eggs boiled;

carrots boiled;

Kura boiled (preferably fillet);

cheese (“Russian” is perfect);

leaves Chinese cabbage or any other salad;

mayonnaise (classic);

salt ;

pepper (black ground);


First, you need to boil eggs, potatoes, chicken, carrots. Potatoes and carrots can be cooked together. When cooking chickens (take any part of: the breast, thighs, legs) add spices, you can still add one Bay leaf. How to boil Continue reading

Beer snacks

Snacks to beer in different countries: Germany

The Germans prefer strong rich Beers, so as a snack choose a full hearty meals. Traditional Oktoberfest menu is a fatty meat dishes with a hearty side  talks about the most popular beer snacks in Germany.

Bavarian sausages

Weisswurst white Munich sausages – the most popular snack in Germany. Initially to afford this dish could only rich Germans. Veal was expensive, and was not expensive. White sausage is prepared from a mixture of minced veal, bacon, spices and herbs. They are served in a special pot on three legs with mustard and salty pretzel. In these Bavarian sausages should not be more than 49% of lard.


Pretzels — salty German pretzel. It is served to beer with Bavarian sausages. Generously sprinkle pretzels with coarse salt and oil. And to give the pretzels a typical brown color, before baking them for a few seconds immersed in a solution of sodium hydroxide. The pretzels are on the first place among the most popular snack at Oktoberfest.


Along with the pretzels in Germany beer is served rye crackers with salt and garlic. Sometimes as a snack bring crisp rusks of white bread with herbs and spices. In different regions of Germany they are prepared in different ways, Continue reading

Cold appetizers


The appetizer is meant to whet the appetite before the main course. The age-old tradition of serving dishes shaped certain rules. To red wine served with cheese and cold meats, to white wine and beer, fish and meats, to vodka – salinity and smoked meats.

Cold snacks can be served in the Banquet version in a fast and beautiful design. Figured enough to slice several varieties of cheese, decorate the dish with the berries or fruit pieces, place in middle of the plate a bowl with honey, apply separately dry biscuits – cheese plate ready. Banquet option starter requires a large investment of time and art of cooking. Jellied fish, stuffed poultry, roasted meat, decorated with figures of vegetables – these culinary works of art and worthy of center stage at the festive table dishes.

Thousands of recipes of various salads can also be attributed to cold snacks. That is, the cold appetizer is a dish that is served on the table first to whet your appetite. To serve cold snacks. To lay the table, defining for each snacks his place, or feeding them, changing plates and drinks.

Snacks are the main components of the buffets. Their task is to keep the brand the whole holiday. They should not be sour, to leak, to sovetnitsa. Each snack Continue reading

Exotic kitchen
For those who love to travel, have forced to become a foodie and try a variety of culinary delights in every country. Recently I had a little experience in tasting…

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Easy and quick salad recipes
  Of cabbage The 200 g cabbage, 1 carrots, 1 Apple, 1 onion, 150 gr. sour cream, vinegar, pepper, sugar and salt. Chop the cabbage. Add vinegar and salt, put…


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