Simple recipes for every day
Simple recipes In the modern world of speed and constant lack of time more frequently we face the dilemma of "How to quickly prepare a tasty and full meal?". To…

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MEAT FOR THE LAZY Ingredients: Minced meat — 500 g Onion (optional) — 1 piece Mushrooms (canned sliced, small) — 1 ban. Cheese — 200-250 g Bread (white, hard) —…

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Meat dishes at the kiddie table

Meat sauce in the form of complementary foods introduced into the child’s diet from an average of 8 months[2], ranging from 5-20 grams per day (1-4 tablespoons) and gradually increasing the volume: 9 months – 20-40 grams, 10 months – 40-50 grams, in 11 months. – 50-60 grams at 12 months is 60-70 grams per day. You can use meat sauce in the form of children’s canned fish industrial production, or to prepare this simple dish. The smoothie recipe: Raw meat . The amount depends on the age of the child, taking into account the fact that after the heat treatment the weight of the meat decreases exactly in 2 times, i.e. if 10-month-old baby supposed to get 50 grams of cold mashed potatoes, then for preparation of 100 grams of raw meat. Butter – 2 in the Hot milk – 15 g. In case of intolerance to milk you can use milk mixture. Meat, cleaned from the films and fat, cut into pieces, put in a pan, pour a little water so that the meat was submerged in water, and stew under cover until tender. The timing of the heat treatment depend on the size of the pieces, as well as the quality and varieties of meat: beef, pork, rabbit meat cook faster than beef or lamb. On average, about 1-2 hours. Braised

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The most expensive seasoning in the world

The most expensive seasoning in the world

The most expensive spice in the world — saffron. The cost of one kilogram can reach several thousand dollars.

Saffron is a plant, but only a small part of the flower Crocus. The Crocus is a beautiful flower with dull-purple, white or yellow petals. Smells almost like a violet, and the core protruding orange stamens (stigma), which produces the most expensive spice in the world — saffron.

What is this and what makes this spice the most expensive in the world? To collect one kg of saffron need to manually collect, process and dry more than one hundred thousand just bloomed flowers of Crocus (a flower blooms only a few days). It is like jewelry. Because of that, saffron is often called “red gold”, and there were times when this spice was valued more than precious metal.

Saffron is one of the oldest spices, mentioned in Egyptian medical texts Dating back to 1500 BC in written sources of the Sumerian civilization, in the old Testament.

There are many legends associated with the flower Crocus. One of them is a beautiful young man named Crocus was in love with the beautiful nymph. The girl answered the Crocus in return. The gods were bored to look at this idyll, and they turned the Crocus Continue reading

The most expensive caviar in the world


The most expensive caviar in the world is not black. The most expensive is the “Almas” (with Iranian almas is “diamond”), Beluga caviar albino occasionally exported from Iran.

If you wanted to try the most expensive product of animal world – then get ready to shell out € 18.500 per kilo of the most expensive caviar is Golden caviar. That is the cost of the diamond belugas caviar-albino. The price is really stunning. Beluga-the albino sturgeon is a large fish found in the Caspian sea. The cost is so high due to the fact that the Beluga-albino shed their eggs Golden color extremely rare – about once in 100 years. By estimations of representatives of the Geneva caviar House, a year in Europe appears not more than 10 kilograms of such eggs.

It’s hard not to focus on the beauty of this product: a delicious Golden amber color just can not help but delight. They say that the older the fish – the brighter the spawn. Not every member of the global elite was able to try this delicacy, but those lucky enough to enter some of the lucky ones – argue that in the world there is nothing like the taste of this product. Caviar has a light nutty flavor.

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Exotic kitchen
For those who love to travel, have forced to become a foodie and try a variety of culinary delights in every country. Recently I had a little experience in tasting…

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