Vitamin, tasty salads
Summer is the time for daily intake of vegetables, fruits and herbs. They are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and organic acids. Eat vegetables and fruits just. can quickly get…

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The most expensive dishes of the world
The rich also love to eat Everyone chooses what to taste and pocket. Someone tries out the most expensive dishes in the world, and someone quite homemade borscht. I think…

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Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world

Real foodies know what a significant place in the cooking is properly selected spices . A unique flavor that causes your appetite, the unique taste, depending on the number of spices . the knowledge of their useful properties and compatibility — those moments that bring into our lives of a handful of herbs and powders. One of the most expensive delicacies in the world — saffron — contains not only a unique taste, but also a lot of useful minerals, pleasing our stomachs and bringing the total organism.

Beautiful pale purple flower — Crocus, which is specially grown in China, Spain, Portugal, Kashmir and the Caucasus. And saffron — these are three little thin Burgundy silk peeking out from the petals, which are used to obtain the most expensive spices in the world . Saffron is harvested in September and October, are extracted from the stigmas of Mature flowers and passivate. The high price is due to the fact that 1 kilogram of spices are necessary to collect more than 300,000 crocuses, there are about 900 000 Rilc, which are selected manually. In addition, cost and unique medicinal properties of saffron . because it is ingredient of several hundreds of drugs and is widely used in folk medicine.

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10 most expensive dishes in the world


Saffron . Surprised? I was also surprised that some kind of spice in our time may be more expensive than gold. Saffron is made from the stigmas of the purple saffron flower Crocus. Each flower only three stigmas, and manufacture one hundred grams of spices (dry) is about 50 thousand (!) flowers. Such a number of flowers of Crocus is enough to cover a football field. To obtain saffron spice is needed not only flowers, but also office and laboratory equipment. A pound of saffron can cost anywhere from $500 to $5000.

Diamond caviar . This is the highest quality grade of Beluga caviar unusual light shade. The older the fish, the lighter the resulting caviar – Beluga and since now quite rare, old Beluga in General are worth their weight in gold. This caviar has a very delicate and exquisite taste. For this Bank the caviar, ALMAS, made of 24-Karat gold, and is the perfect frame for its precious contents. A similar dish can be enjoyed only in a London restaurant Caviar House &Prunier located in Piccadilly. The cost is almost 50 thousand dollars per kilogram.

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Simple salads for every day
Simple salads every day - recipes Salads are probably the only gastronomic group that has such diversity of varieties, variations and recipes. Meat and fish, vegetable and mushroom, warm and…

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Quick snacks
Quick snacks The word "snack" speaks for itself. It is a small light portions, the main purpose of which is to be an addition to a good alcoholic beverages or…


Meat dishes at the kiddie table
Meat sauce in the form of complementary foods introduced into the child's diet from an average of 8 months[2], ranging from 5-20 grams per day (1-4 tablespoons) and gradually increasing…