Vitamin, tasty salads
Summer is the time for daily intake of vegetables, fruits and herbs. They are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and organic acids. Eat vegetables and fruits just. can quickly get…

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Quick snacks
Hot and cold snacks Recipes tasty snacks Variety of cold appetizers one of the categories of Russian dishes, which has a huge assortment of cold and hot dishes, especially fish…

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Cold appetizers


The appetizer is meant to whet the appetite before the main course. The age-old tradition of serving dishes shaped certain rules. To red wine served with cheese and cold meats, to white wine and beer, fish and meats, to vodka – salinity and smoked meats.

Cold snacks can be served in the Banquet version in a fast and beautiful design. Figured enough to slice several varieties of cheese, decorate the dish with the berries or fruit pieces, place in middle of the plate a bowl with honey, apply separately dry biscuits – cheese plate ready. Banquet option starter requires a large investment of time and art of cooking. Jellied fish, stuffed poultry, roasted meat, decorated with figures of vegetables – these culinary works of art and worthy of center stage at the festive table dishes.

Thousands of recipes of various salads can also be attributed to cold snacks. That is, the cold appetizer is a dish that is served on the table first to whet your appetite. To serve cold snacks. To lay the table, defining for each snacks his place, or feeding them, changing plates and drinks.

Snacks are the main components of the buffets. Their task is to keep the brand the whole holiday. They should not be sour, to leak, to sovetnitsa. Each snack even a few hours of the event to look appetizing and attractive. The buffet foods are the rule, take it in hand, the guest should eat the snack at one time, the so-called one bite. For this there are secrets slicing and serving dishes. Or in cheese biscuit baskets served with small portions of salad, cut into tiny canapés and toasts. On skewers served with fruit and meat skewers of meats. In halves of oranges or grapefruit spread out the fish pieces, cheese, salad. Options – a huge set.

At home you can just saute a beautiful, smooth pieces of bread, spread them any pre-cooked pasta or pâté, garnish with greens, olives, a slice of lemon.

Supply of herring can also be unusual. The usual herring under a fur coat can sound quite differently if not file in a traditional layered salad, and, for example, in the roll. To do this, in the formation of a herring wrap cut into strips, boiled beets, carrots and potatoes, brushing each layer with mayonnaise and cementing roll skewer, toothpick.

Feeding calves requires sophistication and careful. Caviar on the half boiled eggs – a classic of the genre. What if we send the caviar of the blue chips or on a thin slice of lemon? Get a new, fresh and unusual taste.

Seafood are served in tall cocktail glasses as a separate dish or as ingredients for salads, the components in fish meats.

Mushrooms also belong to starters. Assorted mushrooms served with vodka and hard liquor. Mushroom Julien is considered an appetizer, but can be both cold and hot.

Veggie platter is always served to any table, except for sweet tea. Vegetables are chosen in season, served whole or sliced, are decorated with greens and lettuce.

The best way to cook the foods, but to serve cold snacks with a twist, looking at classics in a new way. Fruit pyramid from slices of apples, strawberries and peach, fastened with skewers or boat from the pickle impaled on a toothpick triangle cheese – sails will help to give the table a playful mood and arouse the appetite of guests.

Salads and snacks
Christmas salad horseshoe Meat for salads it is best to take the chicken - it's tender and not greasy. Slice the chicken breast peel, veins and fat residue, add water…

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The most beautiful restaurant dishes of the world
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Kalmyk kitchen
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