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Simple recipes In the modern world of speed and constant lack of time more frequently we face the dilemma of "How to quickly prepare a tasty and full meal?". To…

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Beer snacks
Snacks to beer in different countries: Germany The Germans prefer strong rich Beers, so as a snack choose a full hearty meals. Traditional Oktoberfest menu is a fatty meat dishes…

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The most expensive restaurant dishes of the world


We all need daily bread. However, the exquisite joy of absorption of rare and costly delicacies are brought to experience only the most desperate gourmet. “Business Style” is a list of the world’s most expensive delicacies. If you have a burning desire to taste the rarest and most refined meals in the world, get ready for a large number of zeros in the score and that’ll be splendid.

Caviar “overseas”

Black caviar is never cheap, but the most valuable to date is Almas Iranian caviar of Beluga-the albino. Rarely exported delicacy (required in a 100-gram box of gold) can be in color from dark gray to light gray, but above all appreciated the light extracted from the oldest species of fish. Such eggs are usually put on toast, using a spoon made of marble or bone, as metal utensils can add unwanted flavor to the delicacy. Pounds white of eggs can go up in price to 25 thousand dollars. In addition to the excellent taste, Almas and well-known medicinal properties, in particular its use as an aphrodisiac and anti-aging.

Fans of “crackers”

This dish, like a sandwich, can make anyone who has even remote idea about the sandwiches. However, the most expensive club sandwich can be tasted only in the restaurant network “von Essen”, located in the London hotel Cliveden House. Almost $ 200 you will be presented a signature dish James Parkinson – juicy delicious three-layer sandwich, which includes Iberian ham, Brest chicken meal, white truffles, quail eggs, dried Italian tomatoes and bread cooked on a special ferment.

These are the pies for $15900

Lovers of cakes is taste the creation of English chef, who in 2006 created the ultra-luxury semblance of a traditional pie with mushrooms and fish. The brainchild of powersector iaponskoe wagyu beef ($100), Chinese mushrooms, matsutake (3500$), 2 bottles of wine Chateau Mouton Rothschild ($4200 each), as well as white truffles and edible gold leaves. The total cost of the pie amounted to $ 15900, “in 1 piece” (pie for 8 people) get 1990 dollars.

Pizza with a surprise

Another achievement of fast food, the price of which draws on the account in a Michelin-starred restaurant – pizza ATSEP chef Renato viola, working in the town of Agropoli, near Salerno. This is not advertised, but surprisingly tasty 20-inch pizza is cooked for 72 hours with the use of mozzarella, three kinds of caviar, lobster from Norway and the Italian region of Cilento and Australian pink salt Murray River, the quality of each pellet is checked by hand. In the pizza involves three: viola, another chef and sommelier. In the end, on your table there is a pizza worthy of royalty, however, and it costs a lot: for one serving you will have to pay 15 thousand dollars.

Breakfast for $1000 in NY

I think as more expensive to start the day? Embark in new York and apply morning visit to a restaurant, Le Parker Meridien. There you will offer the world’s most expensive omelette for shocking the amount of $ 1,000. Without thinking, enjoy the wonderful combination of eggs with sevruga caviar and lobster.

Chocolate haute couture

Among the sweets price record belongs to American company Knipschildt Chocolatier, whose dark chocolate “Haute couture” Chocopologie costs 2600 dollars per pound (453 grams). In the store there are less expensive options, but all products is available to customers on request.

Exotic culinary dishes
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10 most disgusting and exotic dishes
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The most expensive dishes in the world
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