10 most expensive dishes in the world
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The most expensive dishes in the world
The most expensive dishes in the world We present to your attention the top most expensive meals of the world. 1. Aristocratic omelette The cost of the omelette is some…

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Beer snacks

Snacks to beer in different countries: Germany

The Germans prefer strong rich Beers, so as a snack choose a full hearty meals. Traditional Oktoberfest menu is a fatty meat dishes with a hearty side  talks about the most popular beer snacks in Germany.

Bavarian sausages

Weisswurst white Munich sausages – the most popular snack in Germany. Initially to afford this dish could only rich Germans. Veal was expensive, and was not expensive. White sausage is prepared from a mixture of minced veal, bacon, spices and herbs. They are served in a special pot on three legs with mustard and salty pretzel. In these Bavarian sausages should not be more than 49% of lard.


Pretzels — salty German pretzel. It is served to beer with Bavarian sausages. Generously sprinkle pretzels with coarse salt and oil. And to give the pretzels a typical brown color, before baking them for a few seconds immersed in a solution of sodium hydroxide. The pretzels are on the first place among the most popular snack at Oktoberfest.


Along with the pretzels in Germany beer is served rye crackers with salt and garlic. Sometimes as a snack bring crisp rusks of white bread with herbs and spices. In different regions of Germany they are prepared in different ways, and each beer has its own recipe of this snack.

Pork knuckle

Recipe for Bavarian pork knuckle, it is customary to bake, not cook, therefore, in Bavaria it is called Schweinehaxe, Eisbein and not as in other regions of Germany. Shin served as a main course Oktoberfest. The process of its preparation is long and laborious, but the shank can be served both hot and cold.


Cheese is one of the best snacks to beer, the main thing – correctly to choose. The Germans prefer strong dark beer with a rich taste, but as a snack to it – rich cheeses. This creates the balance and the taste of one does not overwhelm the taste of the other. Popular varieties in Germany – cheese with blue cheese DorBlu and Cambozola, soft cheese with intense flavor and Hartsky the Limburger cheese with caraway seeds.

Stewed cabbage

For the preparation of traditional Bavarian cabbage definitely use duck fat then meals takes on an entirely different taste. The second secret – cabbage stew not fresh, and acidic, and in the process of cooking add sausage, onion, garlic and spices. The braised cabbage served as a side dish and as a snack to beer.


Obazda – Bavarian snack, which is made of Camembert, onion, butter, sweet red pepper and cumin. Spicy cheese blend served with Bavarian beer with rye bread or pretzels.

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