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Salad “Mushroom glade”

Salad “Mushroom glade”

The best snack for noisy feast, where they offer hot – the mushrooms. Want to offer to Your attention a salad, very tasty appetizing in appearance and taste. That is, try it, You “don’t understand”. To be clearer the cooking process, see step-by-step .

A salad You will remember, because it is so simple, the ingredients are simple, and Your guests will be asking for the recipe. Enough with the secrets, reveal the secret of preparation of salad “Mushroom glade”, or “Mushroom glade”, as you like. In my opinion, the second option sounds more cute.

Required products:

marinated mushrooms;

the cucumbers;

greens (dill or parsley, or both);


eggs boiled;

carrots boiled;

Kura boiled (preferably fillet);

cheese (“Russian” is perfect);

leaves Chinese cabbage or any other salad;

mayonnaise (classic);

salt ;

pepper (black ground);


First, you need to boil eggs, potatoes, chicken, carrots. Potatoes and carrots can be cooked together. When cooking chickens (take any part of: the breast, thighs, legs) add spices, you can still add one Bay leaf. How to boil – allow to cool, remove chicken from bones (if You took not filet) and remove the skin. Carrots and Potatoes clean. Remove eggs from cold water and also free from the shell.

Greens finely chop.

Grate potatoes, carrots and cheese on a large grater.

Pickled cucumber and chicken cut into cubes not very large, but not use small pics – this will kill products, and they just get lost among the other ingredients.

Take any bowl with a flat bottom and high edges. Approximate height of the edges 5 cm. You can generally take a bowl, because at the end of the cooking and impregnation “Mushroom glade”, we have our dish put on a beautiful flat plate. It is easier, and decorate the can. So, take a bowl, only the bottom vystelit film, then to shift the salad.

Start to put layers of products

Mushrooms hats down.

Greens (half).

Salt and pepper (do not overdo it, because pickles and mushrooms and so spicy).






Salt and pepper (moderately).



Now cover and put the salad overnight in the fridge (at least the salad should stand for 2 hours). It is necessary to ensure that layers are properly soaked. The same is required for all salads, the ingredients are laid out in layers and promazyvaetsya any sauce.

In the morning remove from the refrigerator, place on top of lettuce leaves so that the edges had enough of hanging leaves. They need to be pre-cut into large pieces, and Chinese cabbage to get down to the core. If You take not the Chinese cabbage and lettuce leaves, it is best to take the iceberg because lettuce in pots from the store too gentle, very quickly loses its shape, becomes black and goes limp .

Select the most beautiful and flat plate, cover the salad and deftly flip the upside down bowl. The whole salad will be on the plate. Carefully remove the tape. The edges of the dish sprinkle the remaining herbs.

This dish is amazingly delicious. Despite the mayonnaise, it seems very easy, and eat it by enough. Therefore, when planning a feast, make this salad in large quantities. Good combination of meat with the usual ingredients, the same that is taken for cooking “Olivier”, will not leave anyone indifferent.

If the window is summer and You are in the country, no one is stopping You to upgrade the recipe by replacing fresh pickles and marinated mushrooms – all other boiled or roasted. Salad lose piquancy from the pickled foods, but will remain delicious.

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