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Quick snacks

Quick snacks

The word “snack” speaks for itself. It is a small light portions, the main purpose of which is to be an addition to a good alcoholic beverages or to excite the appetite before the main meal.

With one hand quick and delicious meals should not be nutritious, it is important to excite the appetite, not kill him. Snacks for alcoholic drinks should not be too “low-calorie”, such as drinking on an empty stomach — not great fun, and drink good wine leaf lettuce is simply not true.

Given the nature of the snacks, they can be divided into those that served before soups, meat and fish dishes, and those who consume beer, wine, vodka, champagne.

Appetizer preceding a full meal is usually a salad. It is lighter than the better, here special attention is given to spices, which are intended to excite the appetite. Such catalysts are peppers, olives, watercress with special bitterness, garlic, Basil. The basic ingredients are cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes, allowed sharp cheese, cheese, some ham. Do not rush to fill this salad with mayonnaise, better prepare this filling — take two tablespoons of olive oil, a teaspoon of vinegar (more or less — to taste), a tablespoon of mustard, add a little salt — mix well.

Salad dressed thus is very good excites a desire to eat.

Recipes for quick snacks, drinks usually do not go without protein ingredients. This snack should satisfy your appetite, excited by alcohol and to emphasize its taste. In this case you can use skewers, as the base is saltine crackers, dried or lightly toasted bread.

Quick bites can look like this:

– grate the cheese, crush garlic, mix. In the cheese mass, add the finely chopped herbs and a little mayonnaise. The resulting mass spread on crackers or bread. You can leave as is, but you can put anything you want — a slice of ham, a shrimp, a slice of tomato, caviar, sausage, olives.

Options that can be strung on skewers, a great many.

– a piece of dried bread, a piece of salted fish that goes well with spicy cheese and olives. Skewers the national beverage — vodka, perfectly combine the taste of salty cucumber, ham, olives.

– it is interesting to look at the quality of quick bites “kebab”, it is possible to put slices of boiled or fried pork, tomatoes, cheese, thin onion rings, pre-marinated in vinegar, bread.

It is not the fastest, but very tasty include appetizers of stuffed tomatoes and mushrooms, baked in the oven. Cheese and garlic would be good in both cases, and what else to fill the “baskets”, you prompt the imagination and the contents of the fridge.

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