Exotic kitchen
For those who love to travel, have forced to become a foodie and try a variety of culinary delights in every country. Recently I had a little experience in tasting…

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Quick snacks
Quick snacks The word "snack" speaks for itself. It is a small light portions, the main purpose of which is to be an addition to a good alcoholic beverages or…

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Salads and snacks

Christmas salad horseshoe

Meat for salads it is best to take the chicken – it’s tender and not greasy. Slice the chicken breast peel, veins and fat residue, add water and cook until tender.

No self-respecting culinary  can not do without such a section as “Salads” and therefore on the pages of thisand, you will find recipes of salads for all occasions. From the classic “Olivier” without which, whether we like it or not, not do any Christmas table and new compositions designed to surprise and amaze guests and family.

Immediately I must say that here you will find recipes from obscure and trudnostyah simple layman products. All products for salads, the recipes of which are described and laid out in this section, it is easy to find, if not on the far shelf of the fridge, just in the local supermarket.

But even if you find a recipe, which will be some kind of dried cuttlefish (now in the supermarkets is possible and not to buy), you can be sure that this recipe is tried and presented to the reader in simple language adapted to local culinary traditions and cooking methods.

Salads for the holiday

But one thing, albeit not very easy, prepare a salad and it’s another thing to decorate it according to upcoming holidays. This is also an art worthy of a separate description. For example, Christmas is coming:

On the other hand, this salad is commonplace for everyday dinner. But it is necessary to add to it cloves, made out of beets or cucumbers, laid out in the shape of the tank, and he will become not only more taste, but more purpose. Please not only the stomach of the defender, but his eyes. And the man, as we know from folk wisdom, if you have not yet seen this, have love for the most part eyes.

And, it would seem that such a simple thing – the decoration of the salad will not always come to mind at the right moment. That is why we have tried to collect on these pages is not only the most simple salad recipes, but also simple ideas of their registration.

Simplicity is the extra free time, good mood and, most importantly, health. As practice shows, the more complex the recipe, the composition, the more distrust it. The result is not exotic salad, and thrown money in the air, and most annoying, time. No need to invent anything supernatural, all that being said, long ago invented for us. Our task is to remember the simple salads recipes and submit them to the appropriate occasion.

9 delicious salads every day
  Selection: 1. The salad is tasty with crackers. 2. Salad with smoked cheese. 3. Crispy salad with pineapple and chicken. 4. Salad from Chinese cabbage with chicken. Canned pineapple…

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Prepare delicious main dishes
  Manta Dumplings Ingredients: For the dough: Flour — 2 1/2 Cup Egg — 1 PC Sol — 1 teaspoon water — 1 Cup (warm) For the filling: Beef —…


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