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Welcome to , dedicated to the most delicious salads collected from all over the world. Here we decided to combine all the information about the most affordable dish on our…

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The most expensive caviar in the world


The most expensive caviar in the world is not black. The most expensive is the “Almas” (with Iranian almas is “diamond”), Beluga caviar albino occasionally exported from Iran.

If you wanted to try the most expensive product of animal world – then get ready to shell out € 18.500 per kilo of the most expensive caviar is Golden caviar. That is the cost of the diamond belugas caviar-albino. The price is really stunning. Beluga-the albino sturgeon is a large fish found in the Caspian sea. The cost is so high due to the fact that the Beluga-albino shed their eggs Golden color extremely rare – about once in 100 years. By estimations of representatives of the Geneva caviar House, a year in Europe appears not more than 10 kilograms of such eggs.

It’s hard not to focus on the beauty of this product: a delicious Golden amber color just can not help but delight. They say that the older the fish – the brighter the spawn. Not every member of the global elite was able to try this delicacy, but those lucky enough to enter some of the lucky ones – argue that in the world there is nothing like the taste of this product. Caviar has a light nutty flavor.

The cost of caviar and requires expensive packaging. Thus, Iran has decided to package it in jars of pure gold. Given that it spawns in a 100-year old – there is the assumption that soon the price would rise even further. But today – caviar-sold out 4 years in advance, which takes place in advance.

Snail caviar

Caviar – the most valuable in the food respect of the fish. The caloric content exceeds the meat and contains proteins and fats, and mineral salts. It is particularly rich in trace elements: phosphorus, potassium, zinc; and vitamins are all digested with enthusiasm. There are different types of caviar: red (salmon), black (Beluga, sturgeon, stellate sturgeon), green (flying fish), pink (whitefish, rauha, Alaska Pollock), yellow (pike, bream, perch, roach, mullet), etc. the Most expensive caviar, as we have seen, is “Golden” or “diamond” caviar belugas-albinos. But still feel like a real foodie and can put a more modest amount. We are talking about the caviar of snails.

Company De Jaeger has entered the market with a unique product – the caviar of snails. The birthplace of the miracle of gastronomy, of course, France. Choose snail – product firms are not new, and the start of production of caviar was preceded by 3 years of research and experiments, and finally, the technique is developed and started mass production. Snail caviar is a milky color and very similar to pearls. However, the similarity with pearls is not limited to appearance. Immodest price – 115$ for 50 grams of eggs is a payment for time consuming and expensive process to obtain the product.

Each snail lays clutches of about 100 eggs once a year. The weight of masonry only about 4 grams. In order to obtain one kilogram of caviar, you want to manually handle about 260 eggs. To eat caviar is made in a special salt brine, then Packed in metal cans. The manufacturer promises a unique delicate flavour, quite different from the more familiar taste of caviar. To eat snails caviar is recommended at room temperature, adding the sour cream. De Jaeger is negotiating the supplies with fine dining restaurants, so visitors the best institutions can ask the delicacy and the rest of us to dream that in Russian supermarkets appeared promoters De Jaeger, who will give to taste the exotic.

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