The most expensive dishes of the world
The rich also love to eat Everyone chooses what to taste and pocket. Someone tries out the most expensive dishes in the world, and someone quite homemade borscht. I think…

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Cold appetizers
  The appetizer is meant to whet the appetite before the main course. The age-old tradition of serving dishes shaped certain rules. To red wine served with cheese and cold…

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TOP 10 most exotic dishes from around the world

Gastronomic tourism in recent years is developing by leaps and bounds — foodies willing to try anything and everything. And restaurants are happy to satisfy the needs of longing for the exotic stomach, offering visitors the most unusual dishes of their national cuisines. We bring you the TOP 10 most exotic dishes that you can and should decide to try.


Kangaroo is not only the most famous symbol of Australia, but the tender, soft meat, taste like veal. Fans kenguryatnik believe that this dish is an excellent prevention of thrombosis and diabetes.

The puffer fish

For the wandering foodies, perhaps the main reason to go to Japan is the opportunity to talk and enjoy a deadly meal of fugu fish. The slightest mistake a chef can cost bold tasters of life, because it neuroparalitical poison there is no antidote. Refined taste with a hint of genuine adrenaline – what could be better.

Snake meat

Meat rattlesnakes and other venomous snakes make jittery no less than the famous puffer fish. In India, reptiles are fried in deep fat or on a fire, and then served in the best restaurants. Lovers snake meat don’t see any drawbacks besides a large number of bones.

Fried tarantulas

One of the most valuable delicacies in Cambodia are considered to be different species of spiders. Primarily tarantulas. The locals catch them by the hundreds and sell and skilled chefs skillfully cook on the open fire and enjoy the most daring tourists. Gourmets say that tarantulas are delicious and a crispy shell hiding tender meat, a bit reminiscent of crab.

Monkey brains

In China, Indonesia, Cambodia and some other Asian countries, the fingers and brain of monkeys in deep fat is the most exquisite delicacy. Best Hong Kong restaurants offer this dish its visitors. Daredevils say that monkey brains in a performance reminiscent of the taste of rice pudding.

Cockroaches deep fried

In most countries of Southeast Asia, one of the national dishes are fried or deep-fried cockroaches. They are served often with soy or fish sauce. The European gourmet taste is reminiscent of sweet, kind of fried potatoes.


Balut is a very popular in the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Malaysia dish. It is a boiled duck (and sometimes chicken) egg, inside of which has already managed to create an embryo with beak, feathers and cartilage. Nebrezglivye tasters note a pleasant crunch and a great flavor dishes.

MEAT FOR THE LAZY Ingredients: Minced meat — 500 g Onion (optional) — 1 piece Mushrooms (canned sliced, small) — 1 ban. Cheese — 200-250 g Bread (white, hard) —…

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