Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world
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The most expensive dish in the world
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Minced meat — 500 g

Onion (optional) — 1 piece

Mushrooms (canned sliced, small) — 1 ban.

Cheese — 200-250 g

Bread (white, hard) — 1 lat.

Mayonnaise — 100 g

Milk (or water) — 0,5 stack.


The bread (it is desirable that it was bread instead of the loaf, and the slice needs to be thick enough, cm 2) without crusts soaked in milk, then wring it out. Mix bread with meat. Add peeled and chopped onion. This is optional, you can do without it, but, in my opinion, the onion gives the products of minced meat juiciness. All together mince. Add salt, pepper and, if you wish, seasoning for minced meat.

But we must be careful because a thick cheese crust on the pudding also adds to salinity. Forcemeat mix thoroughly.Put the stuffing in the form, greased with vegetable oil, even.To grease with mayonnaise.Top evenly spread out the mushrooms.Now all sprinkle grated on a coarse grater cheese.Put the casserole in a hot oven. Bake at 180*C for 40-50 minutes. When will fragrant cheese crust of the dish is ready. PORK – BOOK WITH PINEAPPLE AND CARROTS

pork belly

pineapple (canned)



Basil (dry)

oregano (dry)




Meat cut. Season with salt and pepper.For the marinade: mix mayonnaise, mustard and Basil.Carrots cut into rings.Lay the meat with the pineapple and carrot.Pour the marinade.Sprinkle oregano. Put in a cold place for a couple of hours or overnight.Bake in the oven.



Pork (carbonate) – 4 slices,

fresh or frozen mushrooms – 150-200 g,

tomato – 1 piece,

cheese – 200-250 gr,


salt, spices – to taste.

1. Sliced portions of the meat beats through the film and spread on a greased baking sheet. Add salt and spices.

2. Remove the tomato skins (omitting for Atocha in boiling water for a minute), cut into slices and spread on meat.

3. RUB cheese on a coarse grater. Part of the spread on meat with tomatoes (about 1/3).



800 g pork fillet;

2 PCs of tomatoes;

2 EA onion;

2 tablespoons soy sauce;

2 tablespoons of olive oil;


The pork wash, cut into pieces 1 cm thick and pickling 2 hours. On a dry pan, over high heat pripasaem pieces of meat (1-2 minutes on each side). In the ovenproof dish put: chopped onion, slices of meat, top-circles tomato. Pour our marinade, cover with foil and send in the oven for 40 minutes (180). Remove the foil, sprinkle cheese and pour cream, for 10 minutes put into the oven to zarumyanivaniya.



meat (pork) – 600 g;

salt, ground black pepper – to taste;

garlic – 1-2 cloves;

Gouda cheese – 100-150g


A piece of meat rinse in cold water, dry with paper towels, sprinkle lightly with salt, pepper and RUB spices. With a thin knife, make a shallow dimple around the piece, inside which is placed a slice of thinly sliced garlic.

Bon appetit!

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