TOP 10 most expensive food in the world
Sender: Alena True gourmets are not accustomed to be content with ordinary food. For many of them searching unusual dishes is a hobby. And any hobby, as you know, is…

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The most beautiful restaurant dishes of the world
  1. Some Establishments, Restaurant (Errenteria, Spain) The dish: "Red fruit from the garden" some establishments, head Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz took several years of experimentation to create this bubble…

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The most expensive dishes in the world

The most expensive dishes in the world

We present to your attention the top most expensive meals of the world.

1. Aristocratic omelette

The cost of the omelette is some thousand dollars. Cook it from six eggs, a lobster and three hundred grams of sevruga caviar. It is served in the restaurant at new York’s Le Parker Meridien hotel.

2. Truffle

Such mushrooms grow deep underground and find them with the help of specially trained pigs and dogs. It is small pleasure to a great deal of money. In particular, the king of gambling world scale Stanley Ho paid at auction for a mushroom like this about 330 thousand U.S. dollars. Buy clearly pleased with Stanley, so he again spent the same amount for the next year all for the same mushroom.

3. A sandwich for the billionaire

For the rich lovers of fast food invented special Burger FleurBurger 5000. The dish consists of juicy Patty of Kobe beef, foie Gras that is covered with truffle sauce. All this is served on a brioche bun. The price of such pleasure $ 5,000. This hamburger is usually served with a bottle of wine Chateau Petrus as a gift.

4. The most expensive tea

The most expensive tea in the world is da Hong PAO, which translated from Chinese means “Big red robe”. The bushes of this tea grow in only one place – in the mountains near the monastery Tianjin in China. The value of this beverage is that in a year, producing about a kilogram of raw materials for its production. People are ready to shell out thousands and sometimes millions of dollars per kilogram.

There is a beautiful story that when U.S. President Nixon during his visit to China in 1972 was presented about fifty grams of da Hong PAO, he considered it a terrible insult. He was delighted with the gift only after explaining that these 50 grams make up almost half of all stocks of the drink in China at that time. In terms of current money amount of the gift amounted to 250 thousand dollars.

5. Dessert for the Sultan

And finally we offer you a “Golden cake”. It can be enjoyed in the restaurant of the Istanbul at the Çirağan Palace. The composition of this delicacy consists of French black truffles, vanilla beans from Tahiti, apricots, pears and figs with quince, all fruits before a few years marinated in a strong Jamaican rum. the surface of a cake covered in 24-carat gold, which is not harmful for digestion. The delicacy is presented in a box of handmade silver.

The cost of this pleasure – only a thousand dollars.

10 most disgusting and exotic dishes
  1. Opalgem, he's rotten reindeer. Sometimes, instead of a deer are whales, walruses and seals (civic). The body of the animal buried in the ground, and after a couple…

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