The most expensive and exquisite dishes
The most expensive and exquisite dishes Probably, many people will never be able to try the most expensive and exquisite dishes in the world. Today we want to talk about…

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Exotic dishes
Exotic dish with oranges “greetings from Greece!” Suggest you try an exotic dish, the recipe of which sent Anna Kempe. Includes baked beans with oranges and a side of orange…

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The most expensive dishes of the world

The rich also love to eat

Everyone chooses what to taste and pocket. Someone tries out the most expensive dishes in the world, and someone quite homemade borscht.

I think few of our readers who does not like to eat. Each family has its own recipes roasted meat, barbecue. pies, cakes, different salads and soups. But there are still restaurants on our planet that is trying to please the customer with a tightly stuffed purse.

To get the money the chef is ready to surprise and win over a customer’s dish set with diamonds and gold, fluorescent dumplings, extraordinary pizza and dessert . And the amazing thing is that these very expensive Goodies find their palates.

What makes people pay exorbitant amounts for a regular lunch or dinner when you can relax and eat in the steak house El Gaucho. not only reasonable price, but also great variety and portions. It is the center of the meat pleasure.

I would like to understand what the rich give away their savings, and why these delights are the most expensive in the world ?

Scrambled eggs with black caviar

What would seem to be unusual in the preparation of scrambled eggs? But it is not so simple.

It consists of: lobster meat, shnit-onions, cream and the main ingredient of sevruga caviar. To order your own Breakfast in new York, the restaurant Norma’s at Le Parker Meridien. Price per serving — $ 1,000 .

The most expensive and unusual sushi

Sushi is prepared not only at home in Japan, but also in the Philippines. And the composition of the most expensive dishes not familiar to the common man. Sushi wrapped in plates of gold of 24 carats and embellished with pearls and diamonds. Worth just that, nothing of 2,034 USD . The author Angelito Araneta offers this masterpiece as a gift to their ladies hearts instead of rings. The question remains, how is this miracle?

Fluorescent dumplings

A perfectly ordinary dumplings one flick of the wrist transformed into a beautiful dish, shining blue. The creators claim that it includes the following: tenderest pork, veal and salmon, and be sure to iron fish-torch. She makes a dish like this color and fluorescent properties (these dumplings glow in the dark). Served in new York restaurant “Golden Gates” for $ 2,400.

Burger Las Vegas

This miracle is called the Fleur Burger . the price of a sandwich 5,000 dollars . Includes: beef “Kobe”, foie Gras (liver of force-fed goose), truffle sauce. To try a Burger, you should go to Las Vegas. The author of the masterpiece of chef Hubert Keller.

Pizza rich man

Pizza Louis XIII . proves that fast food can be exquisite and expensive. As a filling, which is laid out in front of the customer using: king prawns, lobster meat and lobster, three kinds of caviar and a Buffalo cheese and salt dish exclusively Austrian pink salt mined in the valley of the Murray river (it gives the pizza a delicate taste and aroma). Serving pizzas with expensive champagne Krug Clos Du Mesnil . The diameter of the pizza is just 25 cm and cost about 12 000 $ .

Exquisite cake

It is served in the Kingdom for 8000 pounds (about 13 500 $) . Still! The composition of the pie surprises with its gold filling: Wagyu beef (so-called marble meat that when life goes for a massage, drink luxury beer, and listens to Beethoven, Ah,we should so), truffles, matsutake mushrooms, and the meat is marinated in wine of Chateau Mouton Rothschild vintage 1982.

And for dessert — aquamarine

Despite the fact that the local population of Sri Lanka lives more than modestly, you may be given one of the most expensive meals of the world. The cost of Italian dessert of sponge cake with taste of Irish Cream liqueur . pomegranate, canned mango and Sabayon (egg cream with the addition of champagne brand Dom Perignon is 14 500$ .

As decoration use chocolate figurine, made in the form of a fisherman, who sits on the pole (in this way the fish in this country). And the most important element of the decor is 80 carat aquamarine, which makes the dish so expensive.

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