Meat dishes at the kiddie table
Meat sauce in the form of complementary foods introduced into the child's diet from an average of 8 months[2], ranging from 5-20 grams per day (1-4 tablespoons) and gradually increasing…

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Beer snacks
Snacks to beer in different countries: Germany The Germans prefer strong rich Beers, so as a snack choose a full hearty meals. Traditional Oktoberfest menu is a fatty meat dishes…

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The most expensive dish in the world

Millionaires are people too and they all eat as ordinary citizens. Often, however, their diet is much more diverse our and, of course, much more expensive. For such people there are special delicacies, whose cost sometimes makes you choke.

Perhaps the first place we will put the dumplings served at the restaurant “Golden Gates” in the Bronx, the main visitors of which are our former compatriots. The beauty of this dish is that it includes not only three types of meat (pork, veal and salmon) and iron fish-torch, which resides somewhere deep on the ocean floor. Thanks gland dumplings are becoming unusual-a strange bluish shade, reminiscent of a radiation, the kind we often see on TV. However, knowledgeable people say dumplings taste is simply unmatched. And the price — portion of eight stuff worth $2400, and of the sixteen — $4400!

Next is potatoes. Rather, it is not normal. Before you an exclusive sort “La Bonnotte”, which grows on the island Normate. The price per kilo of € 500. Distinguished by its delicate taste.

If you are a fan of fast food, you don’t get their attention, Burger FleurBurger 5000, which consists of goose liver with special sauce, juicy burgers from Kobe beef and served it all on a bun from a special kind of flour. Separately — fries. The cost is $5000. By the way, as a gift to serve with a bottle of red wine Chateau Petrus.

In the list of the most expensive dishes, oddly enough, got a very ordinary saffron. But, as it turned out, the real saffron extract is difficult, because it is prepared from rylic flower purple saffron Crocus, and one flower only three stigmas. Per 100 grams of spice is used up to 50000 of these flowers, so the cost of spices is not so surprising. Kilogram of the finished product is estimated at a minimum of $1000 and above.

Also in our list of diamond caviar — grade Beluga caviar unusual light shade. Especially appreciated the eggs produced from older belugas, because it is much whiter and tastier. Packed in a special jar, which is made of pure gold. The cost of the finished product — more than $50000.

Next we have is a very expensive omelette, which can be enjoyed only in one place — new York hotel “Le Parker Meridien”. Its cost is $1000, and it consists of eggs and lobster. The dish is served on a bed of fried potatoes, and decorate the top with black caviar.

Stands out among nuts macadamia. Today it is cultivated only two species of walnut, and the tree on which it grows, requires meticulous care to yourself. Hence the small crop of about 40 tons per year. Even at home it is sold at a price of $30 per kilogram, while in other countries this figure rises at least two.

Love pizza? Then welcome to Italy — the only place to try the pizza called “Luis XIII”, which is worth as much as Euro 8300. It includes lobsters, shrimps, several types of caviar, lobster, mozzarella cheese and a special kind of flour. All this is prepared in the presence of the client.

10 Awesome meat dishes
10 Awesome meat dishes eggs 3 PCs milk 2 tbsp sour cream 4 tbsp cheese 100 g greens garlic 3 cloves Method of preparation: Eggplant wash, cut into thin circles.…

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The most expensive dishes of the world
The rich also love to eat Everyone chooses what to taste and pocket. Someone tries out the most expensive dishes in the world, and someone quite homemade borscht. I think…


Vitamin, tasty salads
Summer is the time for daily intake of vegetables, fruits and herbs. They are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and organic acids. Eat vegetables and fruits just. can quickly get…