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Exotic kitchen
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Kalmyk kitchen

The cure is one of the most exotic dishes of Kalmyk cuisine

The origin of this dish is quite interesting and directly relates and harsh life of the nomadic Kalmyks, shepherds and herdsmen. In cold steppe, especially in winter, it is impossible to find wood and more or less suitable for campfire fuel. A cold wind is blowing so that the maintenance of fire becomes a problem for the shepherd stranded in the desert beside his flock in such conditions. The cure – the answer is clever Kalmyk steppe cruel nature.

First, make a hearth. Right in the earth Roy a pit depth of about two feet. Put it in the fuel – dung. I think we all know that dung is a dry sheep, and only, litter. In past centuries it was widely used as fuel in the steppe and desert peoples. However, now many cook cure on the wood. Moreover, not everyone can get the dung in our time. And who wouldn’t want to mess with him.

Dung burns in the pit and it turns out well progalina containing a hot ash pit, the hearth. In it and will prepare our exotic dish.

To prepare the Cure slaughtered the sheep or RAM. Interestingly, according to legend Kalmykov meat of some animals has a therapeutic effect. For example, if You want to treat tuberculosis, it is necessary to cut sheep with black wool. However, for preparation of a suitable Cure sheep of any suit. Cut up the carcass neatly. Remove the meat from the bones, leaving only the pulp. Can be done with bones, but in this case, to cut the at the joints to avoid sharp bones.

Baked the original way of Cure. Vessel for cooking Cape is the stomach of the same RAM. Naturally, it is thoroughly washed. Pieces of meat stacked inside. This sort of bag. Sometimes meat is cooked by itself, in other cases, cut and put large rings of onion and seasoning, for example, nutmeg, Bay leaf, salt. More usually don’t add anything. In the steppe conditions often do not put anything except meat. Interestingly, all the meat from one animal is perfectly placed in his stomach! It turns out very conveniently.

In the hot ashes of the hearth make a depression and put in a makeshift pouch with lamb. Sprinkle the coals, and cover all with a layer of earth. Sometimes on top of the backfilled pits lit the fire, but not always. All, now waiting.

The most difficult and controversial point in the preparation of Cure – the decision about readiness. Any way to check this will not work. Among the Kalmyks had developed the ability to “feel the sheep,” which told them that the dish is ready. Cooking time usually varies from ten to twenty-four hours. Of course, if miss, the meat may burn. But without risk we can not do.

Thus prepared meat is stewed in its own juice almost without oxygen. It is juicy, tender and incredibly pleasant to the taste. Some gourmands think cure is the most delicious dish of lamb. Thank You!

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