Ideas decorating for the New year
  To decorate meat dishes use a variety of greens, lettuce, parsley, Basil and dill. Also useful for orange, lemon, cranberry, and cherry tomatoes. For example, firm tomatoes you can…

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MEAT FOR THE LAZY Ingredients: Minced meat — 500 g Onion (optional) — 1 piece Mushrooms (canned sliced, small) — 1 ban. Cheese — 200-250 g Bread (white, hard) —…

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11 of the most popular exotic fruits

11 of the most popular exotic fruits.

1. Mangosteen. Edible pulp in the shape of cloves of garlic, with a pleasant aroma and taste. Many people consider mangosteen the most exquisite fruit in the world. Circular motion cut the mangosteen at the top, not affecting the pulp, then carefully removed the peel. Incisions can also be done on the sides and bottom of the fruit.

2. Pitaya or dragon fruit (Dragon fruit) of the family Cactaceae. The fruit pulp is white or bright pink colors with small black seeds. Juicy, low-calorie fruit with a sweet taste nearaverage. Easy to eat with a spoon, removing the core from a halved fruit or cut the fruit in half, remove the pulp entirely and cut into slices.

3. Durian. This fruit is famous for its scent that reminds me of someone a mixture of the smell of onions and garlic, someone smell sweaty socks. Durian are not allowed in hotels, in public places, as the smell from the fruit very difficult to erode. Sold in supermarkets already peeled durian. This fruit, or like it, or not – no middle ground. Durian is an aphrodisiac. Do not drink alcohol with durian, possible death.

4. The carambola. Beautiful in cut fruit that is shaped like a star. Juicy, with nearaverage sour-sweet taste. The rind is edible. Often used to decorate dishes and cocktails.

5. Mango. Most people consider him to be the most delicious fruit in the world. Juicy, sweet, flavorful fruit ripe in Asia, different from those that are sold in supermarkets in the CIS countries. Also use green mangos for cooking main dishes. Rind not edible, big stone removed with a knife. The fruit is very useful, rich in vitamins and normalizes the intestinal tract. Recommend eating no more than 2 mangos a day.

6. The rambutan. Small hairy fruit. The flesh is a translucent white gelatinous mass, a pleasant sweet taste. The seed is also edible. The fruit make an incision and remove the skin.

7. Lychee and Chinese plum. The fruit is red with a bone inside. Juicy, sweet taste. The rind is easily separated from white-transparent pulp. Since litchi cannot be eaten fresh all year round, it is often used in canned form. Rich in vitamins, which actively prevents the development of atherosclerosis.

8. Pineapple. All familiar with this fruit, only in Asia it has a very sweet and rich taste. You need to choose those fruits that seem to be heavier and can be easily separated leaves. Pineapple with few calories and has many beneficial properties.

9. Indian jackfruit or breadfruit. The biggest edible fruits growing on trees. Their weight can reach up to 34 kg and a length of from 20 to 90 cm when Ripe fruit is green-yellow, when tapped, seem hollow. The peel and seeds of the jackfruit smell is unpleasant, and the smell of pulp smell like pineapple and banana. To cut the fruit recommend wearing gloves, as it contains a gummy latex. Immature fruits are used as vegetables in cooking. Fruits and seeds are very nutritious.

10. The passion fruit. Inside the fruit the seeds and the yellow shell, which have a sour taste and special aroma amazing. Cut the passion fruit in half and eat the seeds and pulp. Seeds but liking is not necessary, because their excess causes drowsiness. Often the passion fruit juice added to other fruit juices.

11. Papaya. Sometimes the papaya is also called melon tree. Papaya fruit are useful and nutritious. They have a delicate aroma and refreshing taste. Green fruits are used as vegetables, yellow – in salads, in desserts, in the smoothie. Yellow-green fruit promote lactation, which is very useful for nursing mothers. Small pieces of green papaya is added when cooking meat, for its softening.

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10 Awesome meat dishes eggs 3 PCs milk 2 tbsp sour cream 4 tbsp cheese 100 g greens garlic 3 cloves Method of preparation: Eggplant wash, cut into thin circles.…

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