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10 ideas for design of children's meals At anybody does not cause doubts that all children love sweets, while vegetable dishes and soups do not cause the same joy. And…

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10 most expensive dishes in the world
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Quick snacks

Hot and cold snacks

Recipes tasty snacks

Variety of cold appetizers

one of the categories of Russian dishes, which has a huge assortment of cold and hot dishes, especially fish .

Snacks called small portions of food, which, as a rule, use before taking the main meal.

Snacks in human nutrition play an important role: they stimulate the appetite— so they are served to the table in the first place. The level of excitation of appetite depends not only on taste, but also from external course. Interestingly cooked and decorated snacks in conjunction with an appropriate garnish, are an integral part of the festive table.

For daily table will only need to make one or two appetizers, festive lunch needs to diversify with more snacks, and dinner may consist entirely of eateries of dishes.

Category appetizers include dishes such as: sandwiches, jellied dishes, salads, pates, vinaigrettes, jellied minced meat, cold meat and fish dishes with spices and sauces, a variety of pickles and marinades, and many other culinary products.

In cooking dishes eateries are most often used — sausages, cheeses, preserves, smoked meat and fish, frozen and salted seafood, and to decorate the perfect fresh greens, olives and canned olives.

Sandwiches should begin to prepare no more than two hours before serving. This completely independent great appetizer that does not require a lot of time and effort, and the variety of ingredients in preparing sandwiches limited only by Your imagination.

Regardless of the time of year you can always pick up a set of fresh, salted or pickled vegetables for salads and vinaigrettes. become habitual in our daily menu, because the use of vegetables — the important conditions for proper and healthy diet.

Also, in the preparation of snacks is widely used fish, in all its forms of existence: boiled, fried. jellied, pickled, salted, smoked, dried, canned. Cold fish dishes seasoned with a variety of sauces, and to decorate serving greens, onion rings, green onions, patterned sliced beets and potatoes.

Snacks from fatty fish are perfectly combined with lemon slices or sour Antonov apples, pomegranate, pickled fruit.

The jellied fish is often served with spicy sauces or mayonnaise, and also with coarsely chopped salted or fresh cucumbers.

In cooking meats. not rarely consume products from offal and viscera from the tongue, heart, liver, kidneys, etc., Is to provide pork meats for their kind of pleasant taste.

If snacks are fried or boiled meat products. poultry or fish, large pieces of pre-cooled and before serving, cut into portions slices. Meat in the form of cold snacks are best given in combination with vegetable salads and use as a sauce horseradish with vinegar or mayonnaise.

If there are fish snacks. they should be submitted before meat.

Diverse exotic snacks are prepared with seafood. in particular of mussels, crabs, shrimp, scallops, squid, etc.

Also tempting snacks can be obtained from eggs. cheese, vegetables and mushrooms.

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