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TOP 10 most expensive food in the world

Sender: Alena

True gourmets are not accustomed to be content with ordinary food. For many of them searching unusual dishes is a hobby. And any hobby, as you know, is expensive. To get luxury products is not easy, because it is sold at special auctions. Offer to find out what delicacies are in the TOP 10 most expensive foods in the world.

1. Royal Melon Yubari

This hybrid can be found only on the island of Hokkaido, located in Japan. Lovers of sweet fruit and appreciate it for its unusual spicy taste. Since this is a seasonal product, the first melons fly away for the high cost, which comes to 25 thousand dollars. in one instance. For those who want to try this delicious fruit, you should wait for the peak season. During this period the price is reduced to $ 100.

2. Almas Caviar

The high cost of the product is justified. The thing is, to obtain used delicacy Beluga caviar. It has the following property, the older the fish, the lighter the product and its spicy taste. To obtain a wide calf need individuals aged 80 to 100 years. This product is packaged in a gold jar. One thing you will have to pay about 25,000 USD.

3. Tea Anointing

This kind of tea produced in China. For this large-leaf variety make a small fermentation. Fans of elite drinks appreciate it for its unique flavor. Is he in the TOP 10 most expensive food in the world because for 100 gr. tea will have to pay 6 thousand dollars.

4. White truffle

Externally this fungus is not showy, but has excellent taste. You need to look for it in the forests of Belarus or Europe. For ease of search use of dogs that have been sniffing expensive mushroom. The cost per kg of mushrooms is 3,600 dollars.

5. Saffron

It turns out that to obtain a well-known spice that requires a large number of flowers of this plant. Laborious extraction and affects the cost of saffron. One pound costs about 2 700 USD.

6. Blue tuna

The most famous fish among Japanese, because it is the main ingredient in the preparation of delicious sashimi. For one kg of this fish give about 1 300 USD.

7. Potatoes La bonnotte

This kind of potato is very different in taste from traditional tubers. The secret lies in the additives that are added during the cultivation of vegetables. Using algae, giving the potatoes the smell of lemon and the salty taste.

8. Kobe Beef

It is impossible to present the TOP 10 most expensive food in the world without meat. First of all, catches her marble pattern. Those who have tried its taste, noticed an extraordinary softness and juiciness of steaks. Species marbled meat a lot. Among them is Kobe beef the most expensive cost, it is grown in Japan. One steak costs over $ 500.

9. Mushrooms Matsutake

Perhaps its high cost due to the fact that it only grows in natural conditions. The mushroom stands out for its beneficial qualities for human health. Tasty mushroom found in Chinese and Japanese forests. Hiding it on the red pine.

10. Edible gold

It can be seen in confectionery, which is decorated with thin foil or precious baby. Most of all I love to enjoy gold jewelry Indians with good income. For 1 kg of gold have to pay 30 to 100 dollars.

Most of the products included in this collection have a high value due to the incredible flavor and / or complex manufacturing techniques.

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