Delicious pickled salads for winter
Delicious pickled salads for winter Season zucchini and peppers in full swing, and you still have time to cook a delicious, colorful salad, with zucchini and peppers, which you will…

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Meat dishes at the kiddie table
Meat sauce in the form of complementary foods introduced into the child's diet from an average of 8 months[2], ranging from 5-20 grams per day (1-4 tablespoons) and gradually increasing…

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10 most expensive wedding cakes in the world

Attention! Article can cause dizzy from the sweet tooth, the strongest sense of emotion in romantic-minded girls and dreams about the wedding absolutely everyone.

10. Wedding cake Donald trump and Melanie Knauss

9. The cake for Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky

8. Black and white cake Kim Kardashian

Surprisingly the more classic cake, designed in the primary colours of the wedding ceremony, has become a delicious dessert for $ 20,000 at the wedding of Kim and Chris Humphries.

7. “White Cloud” for the movie “sex and the city 2”

To the wedding the main characters Carrie Bradshaw Directors approached responsibly, dress by Vivienne Westwood and cake by renowned pastry chef Ron Ben-Israel. Vanilla cake with 4000 Swarovski crystals and 450 hours cost the producers of the film 32 000 dollars.

6. Wedding cake Rainier and grace Kelly

Confectioners Monaco’s Hôtel de Paris has presented this exquisite cake as a gift to their future rulers. They tried to fame, two of the upper tier was an edible cell, where there was a pair of live turtledoves that were released, as the pair was about to cut the cake, the top cake situated figurines of bride and groom, dancing to Mendelssohn’s March.

5. Passionate cake Eva Longoria

Red – the color all over the world associated with feelings of love and passion, was an unusual addition to a wedding cake for Tony Parker and Eva Longoria. Its price is about $ 40,000.

4. Wedding cake of Queen Elizabeth

In 1947, when he married the Queen, the country was under military restrictions on food, and all the ingredients for the cake were sent from abroad. Therefore, the cake made the cake company McVities and Price, was a wedding gift for the bride and groom.

3. Cake with meaning for Prince William and Kate Middleton

All elements of this amazing cake have symbolic significance. For example, chamomile is a sign of innocence, flowers Lily of the valley — humility… cake Design was developed with an eye to architectural decoration, and the taste of the cake was the most diverse, a piece of one tier is for lovers of cherries, another connoisseur of nuts… 50 pastry chefs made this cake for the past five weeks, the dessert was worth the Royal family $ 40,000.

2. Magic cake Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas

The wedding of Facebook founder and 24-year-old singer moved their guests into a mysterious world of fantasy and the middle ages, because to create the atmosphere of your favorite series billionaire — “Game of thrones” each of the guests there was a special outfit sewn. Can there be any doubt that the couple seeking the perfect wedding so chose mind-blowing cake. Three-meter miracle was decorated with edible flowers and delighted guests with their exquisite taste to the morning.

The most expensive dish in the world
Millionaires are people too and they all eat as ordinary citizens. Often, however, their diet is much more diverse our and, of course, much more expensive. For such people there…

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