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10 ideas for design of children’s meals

10 ideas for design of children’s meals

At anybody does not cause doubts that all children love sweets, while vegetable dishes and soups do not cause the same joy.

And it sometimes is not that children don’t like the taste, they are not just decorated so beautifully. But this can be easily corrected with a little work and turning ordinary meals festive. Take note of some ideas.

How to make children’s meals

Kids love all bright and beautiful. So why not deliver the baby fun. Go to the store together and let your child choose a plate, Cup etc. it is much nicer to have it with “toon”, is depicted on the dishes.

The importance of table layout cannot be underestimated. The child may be bored to consider a white cloth. But if it will be shown a Princess (for girls) or toy car (for boys), we shall get on better. Porridge instantly disappear from the plate.

What to do if the child doesn’t eat meat we have already discussed, but what if the situation is the same with vegetables? Here, everything is easier. You can play that all children love color and bright . Forget about cooking banal salads. To make children’s meals can easily, without effort. All you need is imagination.

Buy a set of ramekins (it turns out they can be used not only for baking), still useful small knife and a small spoon with round edges. Purchasing these items can begin to create. The Apple looks better cut into wedges, carrot will make a good flowers, cheese stars, and the triangles of ham is also good.

4. Pasta

In our market of food products, you can find anything you want. So why be used for the preparation of children’s meals regular pasta. No doubt the kid with b?a great pleasure will eat the soup, which is not long “curvaceously” vermicelli, and fanciful figurines in the form of letters, snowflakes and even cars.

Agree, the cake, just sprinkle with grated chocolate and a cake decorated using a stencil, fundamentally different. But they can be used not only to decorate cakes. Usually sold in kits with multiple stencils, so each dish can be unique and unique.

We have in mind not the usual candy, jelly beans, or berries in sugar. They can decorate not only the cake, and porridge.

Not only need to think about different “chemistry”. It is possible to do and natural. Yellow get from carrot juice, red strawberry, green from the parsley. Colored rice or noodles will cause crumbs genuine interest. And most importantly, the big variety of registration of children’s dishes using this simple method.

If, for example, to mashed potatoes to make a sort of wave, but on the meat issue as a boat with a sail made of cheese, the appetite will be forgotten.

No matter what water the child. most importantly, how to do it. Compote from a Cup is so ordinary. But the drink in a glass with a straw, so even with a slice of lemon on the edge, it will be much tastier.

10. The element of surprise

If the child will watch the entire cooking process, then eat will become not so interesting. If while you cook, baby sit with dad while sitting at the table, you will see strange things, a successful lunch will be provided.

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