TOP 10 most exotic dishes from around the world
Gastronomic tourism in recent years is developing by leaps and bounds — foodies willing to try anything and everything. And restaurants are happy to satisfy the needs of longing for…

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Simple recipes for every day
Simple recipes In the modern world of speed and constant lack of time more frequently we face the dilemma of "How to quickly prepare a tasty and full meal?". To…

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Simple recipes for every day

Simple recipes

In the modern world of speed and constant lack of time more frequently we face the dilemma of “How to quickly prepare a tasty and full meal?”. To resolve this difficult question will help you a special collection of easy recipes Good from-Menu

Grechanyk is a delicious and economical recipe

It would seem that it can be made from a small piece of meat? It turns out that with only 300 grams of mince and a few spoons of buckwheat, it is possible to cook a delicious and hearty meal. Don’t believe? See for yourself))). Looking simple recipe grechnikov.

Simple and delicious – pasta

Who does not remember his student days, when the most desired dish was the pasta. The easiest (student) the recipe contains just two ingredients – a can of meat and a bucket of vermicelli, and I want to share my improved version of this dish, when the pasta with meat turn out spicy, juicy and flavorful.

Easy recipe paella

In Spain, no big celebration is complete without the paella, but the Spanish love paella primarily for practicality. By the way, just boiled rice or rice with vegetables the Spaniards call “rice”, but if the rice contains meat or any seafood, it is paella. And every day you can make a simple paella with fish and shrimp. the recipe I want to share.

A simple dish – fried potatoes with mushrooms

Who doesn’t love fried potatoes. Yes everyone loves her, especially with mushrooms. Fragrant mushrooms with crispy potatoes – a dream of any gourmet. And even if you are on a diet, you can still afford a little, because the food is freshly prepared from natural products only benefit the body. And calories quickly transformed into pure energy, add potatoes vegetable salad.

Simple and healthy recipe – braised cabbage

Everyone loves the braised cabbage. Women for practicality, because braised cabbage is a wonderful side dish to meat dishes, a great filling for pies, and it low-calorie, the waist won’t hurt. Men also respect this product, especially to a big piece of meat. About the affordability and usefulness of the cabbage will not speak, about it and so all know. That’s what I would say is about a great recipe for braised cabbage. It’s very simple, but kapustka it turns out, mother dear, what a delicious and juicy.

Simple and practical dish – buckwheat with minced meat

How to cook buckwheat correctly, there are almost scientific treatises, but I’m not going to bore you with tedious theory ))) and just share the recipe of one of their most favorite foods – crumbly buckwheat porridge .

This cereal will be tasty, tender and juicy, also she is prepared with minced meat, so no need additional frying cutlets or chops. For some half an hour you can prepare tasty, hearty and healthy lunch.

Easy dessert recipe – sweet cheesecake without baking

Try this surprisingly tender and delicious homemade cottage cheese cheesecake. Unlike the classic recipe, this cheesecake is prepared by cold method without baking.

9 delicious salads every day
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