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Exotic dishes
Exotic dish with oranges “greetings from Greece!” Suggest you try an exotic dish, the recipe of which sent Anna Kempe. Includes baked beans with oranges and a side of orange…

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Exotic dishes

Exotic dish with oranges “greetings from Greece!”

Suggest you try an exotic dish, the recipe of which sent Anna Kempe. Includes baked beans with oranges and a side of orange rice. Get a exotic dinner.

I offer you an unusual recipe with an exotic taste, if you want to diversify your holiday menu and impress guests.

The idea to cook this dish, I was born after watching a cookery shows where the chef-the Greek gave a master class on cooking national dishes. In his version it contained meat and mushrooms, but I decided to make his own way, leaving the main highlight – the orange…

By the way, the dish will turn out very useful, because the orange contains more vitamin C than other citrus fruits. Yes, even the lemon in this vitamin are much less! Also orange is very useful white plenochki-partitions – they contain vitamins that are not in the flesh. The peel is also very useful, but because in its raw form is not used, therefore, the vitamins come to us through those rare dishes that use orange peel. In this dish we’ll use the whole orange completely without waste. Don’t miss any vitamins

So, let’s begin . The recipe is not complicated and not time consuming. The products are also quite affordable.

Exotic dishes with oranges


2 medium oranges 1 Cup (300 ml) krugloozernoe rice (for porridge) 1 large carrot (two medium) 1 Bank of canned white beans in tomato sauce spices: fresh ground pepper, turmeric salt sour cream 2 tablespoons ghee or vegetable ghee

Recipes of exotic dishes with oranges:

Cut one orange and carrots into cubes.

Cut the orange and carrots

Heat oil over high heat and fry a few minutes the orange. It is necessary to stir, to not burnt.

Fry orange

Add the carrots, reduce the heat slightly. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Add the carrots and fry

When the carrots are semi-soft, put all the contents of the cans of beans.

Add the beans in tomato sauce

Simmer for a few minutes, then add two tablespoons of sour cream.

Put sour cream

And still a little put out.

Exotic beans with orange

Now prepare an exotic side dish – rice with oranges . Squeeze the juice of the second orange. If it is not very juicy, use two, rice will benefit from this!

Squeeze orange juice

A glass of washed rice is put in a heated pan with oil and “fry” the rice raw, intensely stirring, not letting it stick.

Fry the rice

When the rice completely dries and the kitchen filled with a pleasant aroma – pour in pan juice, season with salt and add a pinch of turmeric.

Add orange juice and turmeric

Then top up with boiling water. (Pre-boil the water in the kettle.) The liquid should completely cover the rice.

Add water

Cook the rice until tender.

Exotic orange rice

Then they fill a greased with olive oil (or any other according to your taste) a Cup (I used a measuring Cup), tamp well.

Blend the rice in a Cup

And remember your childhood when you made mud pies… Do “cake” of rice on a serving plate.

“Cake” out of rice

Spread orange-bean goulash, prepare the dish and serve expensive and favorite! Bon appetit!

Husband said it was the most delicious rice he ever ate! Rice with oranges really turns out very juicy and delicious. Well, in the preparation of the “goulash” you can be as creative and add something to your liking. If you eat mushrooms would be very tasty with fried canned mushrooms. You can try to make with soy meat. for example. Or eggplant… well, in any case, the dish will be very useful and exotic :).

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