The most expensive dishes in the world
  When vacationers tourists choose this hotel, it is a question of the type of power provided by the school, is one of the most important. This is understandable, because…

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Vitamin, tasty salads
Summer is the time for daily intake of vegetables, fruits and herbs. They are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and organic acids. Eat vegetables and fruits just. can quickly get…

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Recipes, cooking, tasty

Cheese cake

Cheese cake in 5 minutes You will need: Dough: kefir — 1 tbsp salt — 0,5 tsp sugar — 0.5 tsp soda — 0,5 tsp cheese grated — 1 tbsp flour — 2 tbsp. Filling: ham (sausage) — 1 tbsp. (grated on a large grater) (I was on the inside of cheese “Suluguni”) vegetable oil for frying tortillas

Salad “Birthday”

Salad “the Birthday” Ingredients: 0.3 kg of cleaned calamari 0.3 kg of boiled shrimp 1 onion 1 cucumber 150-200 g canned corn 1 Apple 0.5 cups boiled rice 0.5 cups of water 2 tablespoons of vinegar 3-4 pen green onions 3-4 sprigs of parsley mayonnaise Preparation: squid Cleaned, boil 5 minutes, let cool and cut into strips, add to them

Stuffed chicken legs

Stuffed chicken drumsticks Ingredients: Chicken drumstick Mushrooms Onions Cheese Salt and pepper to taste. METHOD of PREPARATION: Separate the skin from the meat . Cut meat from bone to Cut the bone with the help of a hatchet. Meat, mushrooms, onion to make a stuffing. Grate the cheese and knead in the minced meat. (The mushrooms have been boiled and fried with onions) Nachinaem

proved that those who eat garlic regularly, face cancer of the stomach and intestines is much less frequent. In this regard, scientists-doctors recommend that even healthy people eat garlic every day. A week amount eaten garlic should not be less than 5 teeth. You can take garlic supplements. What other products are effective to use

Healthful recipe from beets

The secret is beets! Food treats! Healthful recipe from beets. 1.5 kg of treated beet cut into 4-5 pieces each and pour 2 liters of hot water. cook for 1 hour over medium heat. After an hour add 1 tbsp sugar and 1 tbsp of Apple cider vinegar. Store in the refrigerator. Before each meal 3-4 times a day, drink 30-40 ml beet


A MAGICAL BLEND of ACADEMICIAN FILATOV FOR WEAK VISION It’s a recipe of my mother. Her eyesight was a big problem. When she was treated at the Odessa clinic of eye diseases in 60-h the years, she’s lucky to suffer from an academician Filatov. Rewriting with information boards it is a wonderful recipe for those who want to strengthen the eyesight, then she used constantly

Nail fungus – treatment of folk remedies

Nail fungus – treatment of folk remedies Fungus is difficult to cure, but to take certain measures in order to cope with it, it is necessary for the health of the whole organism. The problem we are going to talk in this article is not only external defects, but also infectious disease that is transmitted to other people. It, for example, can “catch” when you visit the pool.

Beer snacks
Snacks to beer in different countries: Germany The Germans prefer strong rich Beers, so as a snack choose a full hearty meals. Traditional Oktoberfest menu is a fatty meat dishes…

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MEAT FOR THE LAZY Ingredients: Minced meat — 500 g Onion (optional) — 1 piece Mushrooms (canned sliced, small) — 1 ban. Cheese — 200-250 g Bread (white, hard) —…


Simple recipes for every day salads
Ingredients: tomatoes - 0.5. Dried cranberry - honey watery - avocado - mustard - olive oil - salad mix - 1 pack of ground dark pepper - to taste salt…