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  The most expensive caviar in the world is not black. The most expensive is the "Almas" (with Iranian almas is "diamond"), Beluga caviar albino occasionally exported from Iran. If…

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Chicken with cheese

Chicken with cheese – the simplest recipes and ideas

For anybody not a secret that chicken is the most frequent guest on our tables. Chicken meat is inexpensive, it is cooked quickly, the taste of the meat is excellent.

Today already you will surprise nobody baked chicken or grilled chops from a chicken, growing popularity of combining chicken with fruit, vegetables and cheese.

Chicken with cheese

How to choose the right cheese to the chicken?

On the shelves of supermarkets presents a huge variety of cheeses, which sometimes can be bewildering and causes confusion. It is very important to know and understand the basic varieties of cheese, this knowledge will allow you to select the variety most suitable to this or that dish.

If you prefer dishes with baked cheese, pay attention to classic Russian cheese, mozzarella, Parmesan, Poshehonsky, Kostroma or ricotta cheese. These varieties are good melt and stretch, do not spread and remain soft and tender. In addition, when exposed to high temperatures on the dish, sprinkled with grated cheese forms a delicious Golden brown. These cheeses are perfectly blended with meat dishes and fruit, which gives the opportunity to diversify the usual menu and experiment.

No matter what grade you choose, remember – the cheese should not be combined with citrus . and add in dishes with cheese, wine or lemon juice leads to the hardening of the cheese.

Light snacks

“Julienne” – chicken and cheese

The most famous combination of chicken and cheese is “julienne” – an easy and nutritious snack that will decorate any table. The main rule is tasty “julienne” – finely grated cheese to add to the mushrooms and chicken. The smaller the pieces of cheese, the more evenly it will be distributed in the finished dish. If you want to make a snack crisp, a few minutes before end of cooking sprinkle “julienne” with grated cheese.

Chicken rolls with cheese

Another option snacks with chicken and cheese – chicken rolls, for cooking which is necessary 2-3 fillets, 200 gr. hard cheese, herbs, eggs and breadcrumbs.

Fillet you must split along into 2 parts and slightly to beat off, wrap it in cheese, grated on a fine grater and mixed with herbs, twist rolls, dipped in egg and breadcrumbs. Prepared rolls are fried in hot vegetable oil for 10-15 minutes on each side. The finished dish can be cut and can be served whole.

Chicken baskets with cheese – original and simple

Want to surprise loved ones? Prepare chicken pockets or baskets.

Chicken baskets:

500-600 grams of minced chicken fillet

200-300 g of mushrooms

1 onion

1 egg

300-400 gr of hard cheese


food foil

How to cook:

In the preparation of the dishes most of the time you will need for preparations. To start from several layers of foil required to form the tarts, spread them with vegetable oil and layer 4-5 mm applied at the basket ground chicken, mixed with egg.

Mushrooms clean, finely chop and fry together with onion. In prepared baskets of minced meat add the mushrooms, mixed with grated cheese.

Bake in oven for 30-40 minu t at a temperature of 180°C. Ready baskets to cool and sprinkle with herbs. In the beef and mushrooms you can add your favorite spices.

Chicken with cheese

No matter what dish of chicken and cheese you decide to cook, remember . what salt food carefully, because during melting the cheese will give a portion of salt in it. Very careful you should be when you are using soft cheeses, such as mozzarella or Suluguni. Such cheeses are melted quickly, and for a long period of heat treatment can ruin the whole dish.

If you want to add to your dish spicy and severity, use of varieties with blue or green mold, and cheeses with the addition of paprika and spices.

MEAT FOR THE LAZY Ingredients: Minced meat — 500 g Onion (optional) — 1 piece Mushrooms (canned sliced, small) — 1 ban. Cheese — 200-250 g Bread (white, hard) —…

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