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Simple salads for every day

Simple salads every day – recipes

Salads are probably the only gastronomic group that has such diversity of varieties, variations and recipes. Meat and fish, vegetable and mushroom, warm and fruity, fine and easy, it opens up endless possibilities for experimentation. Today we present some recipes from the endless list of the most successful and will show you how to prepare simple, tasty and quick salads every day. After all the recipes of this particular category most often claimed and actual. At the same time you always want to save time and money and tasty to feed the family or guests.

Simple and quick salad every day with sausage

To prepare this salad in a matter of minutes. It is perfect and just in time for dinner on weekdays, and will be a perfect option for a meal for guests who came unexpectedly. Despite the simplicity, the taste of this salad is simply stunning.


sausage boiled-smoked – 220 g;

canned sweet corn – 1 Bank;

fresh dill – 2-3 sprigs;

rye crackers – 2 packs;

mayonnaise – 75 g


To prepare the salad in this recipe is enough to clean and cut them into strips sausage, mix it with canned corn, pre-drain the liquid, and add rye crackers and mayonnaise. This original blend now we will fill with mayonnaise, add a little chopped dill and served immediately to the table.

Easy and delicious vegetable salad with mayonnaise every day

Vegetable salad, prepared according to the following recipe will perfectly complement any meat dish. Serve it as a side dish to otryvnym or steaks that do not require more than a busy neighborhood. In addition, this salad is a vitamin complex and therefore especially useful in the cold season.


cabbage – 390 g;

Antonovsky apples – 175 g;

red salad onion – 100 g;

cranberries – 1 large handful;

mayonnaise – 60 g;

salt – a pinch;

fresh herbs.


For cooking vegetable salad small shinkuem cabbage, add some salt and mash it a bit with your hands. Then cleaned and cut into half rings red onion salad and julienne pre-peeled and core the apples Antonovka. Put all ingredients in a bowl, add a handful of pre-washed and dried the berries cranberries, mayonnaise and salt to taste and mix. When serving, decorate the salad with sprigs of fresh herbs.

Simple, tasty and cheap salad every day with mushrooms

If you have a jar of pickled forest mushrooms, picking them a very simple vegetable accompaniment, can cook simple but incredibly delicious salad.


marinated forest mushrooms – 240g;

potato tubers – 390 g;

salted or pickled cucumbers – 150 g;

salad onion – 110g;

vegetable oil – to taste;

fresh herbs to choose – to your taste;

salt – to taste.


To prepare this salad we need boiled potatoes in their jackets. So the first thing my potato tubers thoroughly and put on to cook. When ready drain off the water and allow the potatoes to cool slightly.

During this time, cut salted or marinated cucumber julienne, lettuce and onions clean and shinkuem semicircles. Peel cooled potatoes and cut like cucumbers and julienne. Put all ingredients in a bowl, add the mushrooms, season salad to taste with salt and vegetable oil and you can serve. Optionally, you can add to a dish of fresh herbs.

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