TOP 10 most expensive food in the world
Sender: Alena True gourmets are not accustomed to be content with ordinary food. For many of them searching unusual dishes is a hobby. And any hobby, as you know, is…

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Easy and quick salad recipes
  Of cabbage The 200 g cabbage, 1 carrots, 1 Apple, 1 onion, 150 gr. sour cream, vinegar, pepper, sugar and salt. Chop the cabbage. Add vinegar and salt, put…

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Ideas decorating for the New year


To decorate meat dishes use a variety of greens, lettuce, parsley, Basil and dill. Also useful for orange, lemon, cranberry, and cherry tomatoes. For example, firm tomatoes you can make pretty roses. For this you only need a thin knife to cut the tomato skin, in width from 1.5 to 1 cm and wrap it in the form of rosettes.

Also used bell peppers, onions and green onions, carrots and other vegetables.

Fried chicken, for example, decorate as follows: spread it on a lettuce leaf, put several slices of lemon, tomatoes and roses from tomatoes.

Now turn your attention to unusual ideas, how to decorate salads on New year 2015. It will be interesting to look a salad in the form of a Xmas tree .

For decoration, use some dill and red pepper. The salad pile them on a dish, garnish with dill and pepper cut the top of the star.

Using simple products such as cheese, red bell pepper, green and black olives is also nice to decorate a salad. For example, cheese and pepper make the candle, and around the greens lay a Christmas wreath. Also of these products you can make a decoration in the form of Santa Claus .

Salads, decorated thus will certainly please guests.

Decoration salads for new year’s table may be the simplest, but also looks very original. Serve the salad in portions in cheese baskets, garnish with herbs and a simple salad will be perfect to decorate a festive table.

Decorating for the New year Goats (Sheep) does not stop at meat dishes and salads. Because need and beautifully presented sandwiches, and snacks.

To decorate snacks and sandwiches can be used cheese, fish, meats, eggs, green onions, tomatoes and bell peppers. With the help of such simple products, such as green onions, cheese and bell peppers, can be quite interesting to decorate the sandwiches. Put on the sandwiches are the stars and the trees bow, and a snowman out of cheese and pepper. Looks very nice and appetizing. Especially sandwiches like children.

As for drinks, then for decoration you can use ice cubes, various fruits, and spices — cloves, cinnamon and anise. For example, hot mulled wine Linthicum garnish with lemon and cloves.

To decorate a glass of wine, use the peel of an orange or lemon, cut thin with a sharp knife. The decoration is quite simple but very beautiful and, in addition, flavorful.

Decorating ideas of dishes for the year of the Sheep (Goat) is considered. Really looks very impressive and appetizing? Decorate new year’s dishes, and family will be very pleasantly surprised by your imagination and skill, and a holiday table to remember. Happy New year!

The most expensive dishes of the world
The rich also love to eat Everyone chooses what to taste and pocket. Someone tries out the most expensive dishes in the world, and someone quite homemade borscht. I think…

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9 delicious salads every day
  Selection: 1. The salad is tasty with crackers. 2. Salad with smoked cheese. 3. Crispy salad with pineapple and chicken. 4. Salad from Chinese cabbage with chicken. Canned pineapple…


Delicious pickled salads for winter
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