Ideas decorating for the New year
  To decorate meat dishes use a variety of greens, lettuce, parsley, Basil and dill. Also useful for orange, lemon, cranberry, and cherry tomatoes. For example, firm tomatoes you can…

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Easy and quick salad recipes
  Of cabbage The 200 g cabbage, 1 carrots, 1 Apple, 1 onion, 150 gr. sour cream, vinegar, pepper, sugar and salt. Chop the cabbage. Add vinegar and salt, put…

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Simple recipes for every day salads

Ingredients: tomatoes – 0.5. Dried cranberry – honey watery – avocado – mustard – olive oil – salad mix – 1 pack of ground dark pepper – to taste salt – to taste. Cucumbers – greenish onion – 1 piece, cheese – Flaxseed – 0.5. Reddish onion – 0.5. Who said that it is unrealistic to create a culinary masterpiece for half an hour. On the  “eat at home” and you will find simple salad recipes. Ingredients: Parmesan – tomatoes – Romaine lettuce – 1 pack, baguette – 6 pieces, anchovy – balsamic vinegar – 0.5, quail egg – Dijon mustard – sea salt – 1 pinch the usual salads from prof chefs can assure you, that everyday cooking can take less time. Preparation of normal and delicious dishes from the chefs eat at home project and Yulia Vysotskaya. Salt – 1 pinch tomatoes – ingredients: oranges – 0.5, garlic – 5 cloves, fresh champignons – fresh dill – 1 sprig, vegetable oil – dried thyme – 1 pinch, Flaxseed oil – ingredients: boiled beans reddish – 0.5 cups, salt – 1 pinch. Ordinary recipes for delicious salads can include any products that are in the fridge, the main thing is to mix them with taste and to pick up the excellent sauce. What could be easier crab salad with corn, eggs and tomatoes or salad from red cabbage with cheese and nuts. With meat and poultry. Ordinary salads to whip up traditionally consist of 4-5 ingredients

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Prepare delicious main dishes



Dumplings Ingredients: For the dough: Flour — 2 1/2 Cup Egg — 1 PC Sol — 1 teaspoon water — 1 Cup (warm) For the filling: Beef — 2 kg Bow — 4 PCs Black pepper — 1/2 teaspoon Cumin — 1 teaspoon Sol — 1 teaspoon Potatoes — 1 PC Olive oil

Homemade dumplings

Homemade dumplings Ingredients: Dough: 600 g flour 0,5 tsp salt 400 ml of water for Potato stuffing: 4 large potatoes pinch of salt 2 onions 200 g mushrooms, any vegetable oil Cabbage filling: 500 g fresh cabbage a pinch of salt vegetable oil Flow: 3 large onions 1 tbsp vegetable oil Preparation: 1. From flour, salt and water zamesit cool


Khinkali Ingredients: ground beef — 500 g water — 500 ml flour — 700-800 g onions — one piece parsley — to taste coriander — to taste black ground pepper — to taste salt — to taste Preparation: 1. For the dough sift the flour into a deep bowl and mix with salt. Gradually

Beef stew with mushrooms and sweet peppers

Beef stew with mushrooms and peppers Ingredients: 800 g pork-250-300 g mushrooms 2 small or one Continue reading

10 ideas for design of children's meals
10 ideas for design of children's meals At anybody does not cause doubts that all children love sweets, while vegetable dishes and soups do not cause the same joy. And…

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Recipes, cooking, tasty
Cheese cake Cheese cake in 5 minutes You will need: Dough: kefir — 1 tbsp salt — 0,5 tsp sugar — 0.5 tsp soda — 0,5 tsp cheese grated —…


11 of the most popular exotic fruits
11 of the most popular exotic fruits. 1. Mangosteen. Edible pulp in the shape of cloves of garlic, with a pleasant aroma and taste. Many people consider mangosteen the most…